SoonYulKang‘Spiritual Journey’ is an exhibition of work – woven tapestries, collage and painting – by Korean-born artist Soon Yul Kang. Soon’s woven tapestries are works of profound contemplation: meditation made manifest. Colours mingle and meld in abstract compositions that are filled with implicit meaning. ‘Emptiness’ evokes a desert landscape; ‘Inner Peace’ presents a window onto eternity. ‘A Long Journey’ is more representational, a dream-like scene where a mysterious disk hovers above convoluted greenery. These tapestries took months to make, each coloured strand threaded with infinite care. Soon lets her titles emerge as each composition evolves. The words placate our intellectual minds and allow us to focus on the emotional response which the piece evokes.
Downstairs you will find other media: the intricate spiral collage of ‘Journey to the Unknown’; the tiny impressionist splashes of the Blue Dream series (No.2 is my favourite). Visit Soon’s website for more information.

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Artist Soon Yul Kang

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  1. Noble says:

    Excellent recommendation. Saw the exhibition today. Wonderfully serene and evocative, dreamlike.

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