Music and Myth

I spent the afternoon at a concert in Bushy Park, London. It was a hot day: summer has finally arrived, we’ve gone from boots to suncream in two days. There were five musicians in the group, including one viola. Stay with me here, if you don’t like classical music: I wasn’t expecting to love it. The trouble with living in a city is that you can be too choosy about what you do, thinking you already know what you like. It’s much more fun to let friends guide you, sharing their passions and introducing you to new things. They played the Brahms Clarinet Quintet, and it was wonderful. The music flowed in waves of energy which shifted from sound to colour on the warm summer air.

Myth and music have much in common. They each use classic elements woven into new compositions. They both depend on harmony and counterpoint, synchrony and balance. Recurring themes echo and contrast with each other. A melody repeats but in a different key. The hero and the villain often have much in common. Music and myth follow rules, yet work best when they play with our expectations. They are linear compositions which lift us above the sequential constraints of everyday life.

The universe is composed of a symphony of energies. Life is a dance to that cosmic sound.

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