Happy New Year

London New Year Fireworks‘Tis the season to be better… and this year I’m going to stick to my New Year Resolutions. The best way of being sure is to make them easy – so I’m making them mnemonic by using a threefold division of mind, body and spirit.

Girl on SaxophoneMind: I need to brush up my French; but it gets much better after a bottle of wine, so there’s not much incentive there. How about learning the saxophone? No, I tried that last year and I need someone else to yell ‘Practise’! Sudoku? Crosswords? But those are meant to be fun…. What I really need to do is start writing regularly again. The ‘LifeWorks’ launch was great fun, and I’ve had a string of articles, but I need to get back to the story stuff. I’ve promised my publisher there’s another book in the pipeline. I’m going to mark ‘white space’ in my diary two mornings a week and just sit in front of the computer until something comes.

Zumba Body: Botox? Boob job? Laser eye surgery? Not indulged – or at least acknowledged – in my wholistic social circles. I’ll have to hone the effortful way. Since I ran the London Marathon in 2011, my knee has been a weak point (it was totally worth it though!). But I do need some regular exercise. I’m going to set aside two sessions a week, one for a short run or bike ride, the other for something more structured. I’m thinking Zumba at the local health club, where you can sign up for a term’s worth of classes (paying up front is a great way of guilt-tripping myself into going). Maybe I’ll persuade a friend to sign up too and treat her to coffee afterwards.

Spirit: This is the simplest in theory, the hardest in practise. Live in the moment. Banish negative thoughts and emotions. Do a kind deed every day. Easy to say, but difficult to actually do. Someone gave me a metaphor today which might be helpful. My phone has an icon which tells me how much battery it has left. Low Phone BatteryBy the time it gets down to 10% it’s about to switch off: I have to monitor it and recharge when it gets anywhere below around 30% full. Apparently my emotional welfare is similar: I need to recognize when I’m dipping towards subsistence level and do something about it whilst I still have the energy to pull up. This could be going for a swim, or meeting up with a friend, or whatever jump-starts my body / mind and reminds me that life is worth living. Just being alive is a ticket to the greatest show on earth. I’m going to watch myself and learn to work out when I’m getting low. Meanwhile, the equivalent of a regular re-charge is doing something I love every week. Music NoteI can’t manage meditation – living in London it’s hard to switch off – but I find that hyperventilating harmoniously with like-minded individuals has much the same effect. I’m going to join a choir.

So what are your New Year’s Resolutions…? Leave a comment and use the buttons to Share on Twitter, Facebook and Stumbleupon.

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