Why Share Stories?

I Dont Know How

This novel opens with the heroine ‘distressing’ mince pies to pass them off as home-made. She’s trying to juggle career and family. The question you might ask me is not how, but why?

StoryWorks launch party was a great success, with over eighty people who drank nearly four cases of wine. The initial print run sold out via Amazon and the publishers are reprinting already.

BookLaunchCropChatting over coffee, I tried to tell school colleagues why this means so much to me. The book isn’t actually making any money: I’d have to sell thousands of copies for that to happen. Even with a good publisher who bears most of the production costs, it’s cost me almost a grand to produce. So why does I do it?

Well, I really believe in this book, on a number of different levels. Let’s see…

First, it’s my gift to you: a life’s worth of stories that should be shared. Friends, family and followers – this is wealth I give to you. I hope you find it worthwhile.

Second, it’s something for you to give too. Storytelling is a real ‘gift that keeps on giving’. Tales that you can tell others or read aloud to children. Narrative techniques so you can craft new stories of your own.

And third, it’s an act of altruism. Maybe this book will help someone tell their story better: a leader in a poor community, a young person applying for their first job. You see, stories are simply the best way to communicate. This is because humans are storytelling animals: our brains are hardwired for narrative. We see patterns in things – shapes in tealeaves, faces in the clouds – it’s called pareidolia. Perceiving patterns is how we learn from experience: we form a causal narrative sequence of events, ie a story. Sharing stories is how we communicate our learning to others. Storytelling lets us relate to people, convey a message, promote a cause: if you want to change your life or change the world, do it with a story.

BookCloseUpSo making this book a success makes me feel good. Because I believe it can help others.
(Remember, I used to work in development!)
Every copy works the promotion machine, so thanks for your support. And maybe knowing that each order costs you £12 for something that’s worth closer to £15 will make you feel better too. If you’d like to post a review, that would be great – I do love reading them.

May your story be good!

NB I’ve used Five-Point Story Structure here, in case you hadn’t noticed!

StoryWorks on AmazonUK (including review)

StoryWorks on AmazonUSA (currently on discount)

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