A Time to Grow

doowrayIt’s the turning of the year. The light is clean and cold. The sun sets before you’re ready – a good metaphor for life, maybe! In past times, the harvest would have been gathered and travellers returned home.
Yet this is also a time of new beginnings. November is the new month, when plants put down their roots. Samhain, our Hallows Eve, was the Celtic New Year.
So if you want to stay snug at home, maybe it’s because you’re doing soulwork. Sometimes you need quiet time to grow. As you curl up on the sofa, let the seed of a new you start to germinate. Who knows what the next stage of your life will bring?

About Jane Bailey Bain LifeWorks

Author & Creative Coach @janebaileybain
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1 Response to A Time to Grow

  1. Optimistic, encouraging and motivating.Loved the analogies, so pertinent.

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