‘SoulWorks: Living your soul story’

Your life has a thread. It tells where you’ve been and what you’ve done. It shows how one incident led to another. It explains how things turned out this way.

But your life has a deeper story. This one links the people, places and events that matter to you. It shows how your encounters follow patterns. It relates your actions to your inner values.

This story emphasizes themes and motifs. It lets you see connections between things. It shows how early experiences link to later ones. It helps you understand what really matters.

Once you see this, you’ll start to live quite differently. You’ll spend more time on things that are important. You’ll become aware of themes and patterns in your life. You’ll want to focus on learning and giving, experiences and relationships.

This deeper narrative is your soul story.


Published O-Books, April 2018



About Jane Bailey Bain LifeWorks

Author & Creative Coach @janebaileybain
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