Jane Bailey BainJane Bailey Bain is an author, speaker and creative coach. She was born in the United States and grew up in Geneva. She studied Psychology at Oxford University and Anthropology at the LSE.  After travelling extensively around the world, Jane trained as a business consultant with IBM. She worked for several years on development projects in Asia and Africa, specializing in social issues. During this time she became interested in stories and how people use them in everyday life. Back in London, Jane set up a series of courses on Mythology, Story Structure and Creative Writing. Her books include ‘LifeWorks:’ (2012) and ‘StoryWorks’ (2015).

Jane’s work draws on profound insights from psychology, anthropology and spirituality. Her approach is rooted in story analysis, life trajectory and personal development. She combines this with a wide range of practical tools and techniques. These help you actualize your dreams into future plans and goals.

Follow Jane on Twitter @janebaileybain

For more posts and pictures, visit Jane’s Author Page.


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