LifeWorks is a practical handbook which combines insights from psychology and anthropology. It looks at how you compose your ‘life script’ – the story which you tell about yourself. This script influences how you behave and how you present yourself to other people.

Stories from around the world have familiar characters: the princess, the hero, the good mother, the wise man. They are based on universal figures called archetypes. LifeWorks introduces twelve figures, with examples from books and films. Each figure is illustrated with a story drawn from myths and folktales. Questions help you to identify roles and relationship patterns in your own life. These tools are used by writers for character development & plot analysis.

Jane Bailey Bain’s writing has been compared to both Julia Cameron and Joseph Campbell. She combines personal insight with natural storytelling ability. LifeWorks is destined to become a new classic. Available on and (USA). Reviewed on Good Reads and in Writing Magazine. If you like this page, use the buttons below to Share on Facebook or Twitter.

IN PRESS  ‘Working Girl’. In Fierce & Fearless: The Anthropology Fieldwork Manual for Women (Ed. Helen Carr)

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